Wedding Cake Topper: Some Common Blunders

Published: 16th May 2012
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It indubitably forms the centre piece of attraction, the eye candy of the wedding and the magnet piece which draws all the pairs of eyeballs towards it. Apart from the bride, it is the wedding cake that garners all the attention of the guests assembled at the wedding ceremony. Moreover, a wedding cake also forms the second most important subject for the wedding photographer’s lenses. Therefore, because of all the attention it receives, a wedding cake becomes a concern which demands a lot of attention.

A wedding is an affair that is extremely tedious and elaborate in nature and therefore, it is almost impossible to execute all the planning in a flawless manner. Mistakes are bound to happen, however, appropriate care must be taken to minimise those mistakes to the least possible extent. Hence, I thought of dedicating this article to the cause of enlightening people about the most common mistakes they make while selecting the wedding cake topper and the means by which they can be avoided. Take a look:

The most common mistake made by soon-to-be married couples is that in an effort to give the wedding cake
a unique touch they pick up a topper which stands out from the entire cake. This kind of topper does not help to enhance the appeal rather takes the attention away from the beauty of the wedding cake.

The size of the topper must correspond to the size of the cake. A small cake with a majestic topper looks not only unattractive but also the topper may end up toppling the entire wedding cake.

Wedding cake toppers which are made of heavier materials like porcelain and resin and hence, must be firmly anchored within the wedding cake.

We all often tend to pay more attention towards the wedding cake and leave the topper out which leaves us with the only option of opting for any topper which fits our budget. Care must be taken to fix the budget for all the requirements individually so that we don’t have to compromise anywhere and whatever we plan also gets executed beautifully.

One more option to save the expenses on a wedding topper and to utilise it instead on the wedding cake is to opt for your parents’ wedding cake topper. The heirloom would not only be a memento to their years’ long marital relationship, affection and commitment but would also give an antique appeal to your wedding cake.

Every second couple wants to do something different with their wedding ceremony and often opt for wedding cakes which are huge and impressive. However, while deciding the size of your wedding cake, the only thing which should be kept in mind is the size of your guest list. Opt for a huge wedding cake only if your guest list is huge else you will end up spending a lot of amount from your wedding expenses on the cake unnecessarily.

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